Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free Pool Tuesday at Merc

Yup. Im back, and tonight I just visited a fancy dive bar called Mercury Lounge... yes, an over abundance of vintage furniture can make a dingy beer and wine service hole fancy. I haven't been to this bar in some time much the same as this, my blog. Last time at this dive, I believe was to see a band that has recently become very popular, Phantogram. I rode the new 3-speed steel out with the good buddy. Meal 3 was skipped by myself but my friend consumed a healthy portion of animal style food at a popular chain that lay conveniently between starting point and the water-well.

Happy hour was had with 15 minutes to spare. Games of free pool were taken for granted; it was FREE POOL TUESDAY. I lost my first few games, but came back to win against myself (everyone was "over-it")

My friends old lady sported good company complete with talks of radiation poisoning and a VW that fit our bikes and our sorry asses to avoid the ride in the rain.

Arrival at home was greeted by turntables and shiraz. Just made a turkey and swiss sandwich and probably won't have the pleasure of shitting until tomorrow.

My night would not be complete without finding a fortune cookie in the trash..
soon you will be getting the recognition you deserve

Friday, March 12, 2010

Natty Lighten Your Load

Thursday night was spent at a vegan pizza party complete with lots of cheap beer. The cheap beer looks great on the receipt and goes down smooth one after another. It also is ideal for, what the kids call, "shotgunning". (google it if you don't know.) So the first few rounds consisted of extra garlicky garlic bread with Tecates to wash it down. The second course had me devouring a olive, onion, and spicy vegan sausage. Washed that course down with a few coors lights aka Silverbullets. Desert crowded everyone into the kitchen to share vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and shootgun a couple Budweisers. After dinner we all sat around flicking quaters into a glass in an attempt to get each other beyond drunk. Then the Natty Lights showed up...
...Morning hit with veracity. Sun beaming through my eyelids. I wanted to die. Every movement hurts. Don't touch me. Don't make me laugh. Oh no, achoo! Ouch!..Ok. at least i have a lunch date with lady and the burger bus (save that for another post)...
I run into the office at work and nearly run over my boss grabbing the keys to the bathroom. Running back down the hall with delicate short leaps as to not shake anything loose I can hear laughter back from my office. I yell back "when you gotta go you..." I've made it to the bathroom before the sentence can be finished. This poop plopped the surface of the toilet water like a little mound of mud. The displacement had it floating like a boogie board. The type of poop that just makes you think "please don't be clogged." Famous last words.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pancake Wendesday's

Went to Summerland Beach Cafe this morning. Today's special was a stack of three big buc-wheat pancakes with your choice of fresh strawberries and bananas or sauteed bananas and walnuts for 5.99. Washed it down with fresh coffee and three glasses of water.

After breakfast I continued to Manning Park in Montecito to map out a bicycle race course. After 45 minutes of deliberating and exploring i had to take a shit. Refusing to use the public toilet, like the latrine snob i am, I hopped on the bike and jetted in search of a pristine, preferably a Kohler.

I ended up using the restrooms at Montecito Inn. I was not disappointed. Beautiful, peaceful, serene duceage time was had. Thank you Montecito Inn!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cheese and Potato Taquitos

I have forgot to update my new blog now for a few days. Sorry to all my blogzie fans. I will be trying to make at least one post a day from now on.

With that said, I had an amazing meal on Tuesday. Cheese and potato taquitos. The picture just looks like a a mix between a salad and nachos but there lays a hidden gem under all that deliciousness. Two large juicy lumps of potato surrounded by melted cheddar and jack cheese then wrapped in a corn tortilla and fried. It found it at a Los Gallos which normally I would just pass it due to it's location but I was waiting for a near by friend to go play an epic game of chinlone.The best part of the meal happened during the prolonged waiting period for my friends to meet up. While I was surfing craigslist on my iPhone a Blue Jay landed on the handlebars of my bicycle. Used my quick iPhone navigational skills to switch to camera mode and snaped a quick pic befor the bird continued on its, as I imagined, epic adventure.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Recipe For Change

This delightful ensemble features the finest of cuisine from the four corners of the known world (e.g. My Kitchen). The presentation is very thoughtful and balanced as it serves as a metaphor for the struggling blue collar worker fighting against the tyranny of corporate america. The chorizo displays remarkable elegance and complexity. The addition of mayo and tapatio sauce with a hint of lime adds a velvety texture that holds the main course together. The avocado smothered tortilla calms the palate while adding a roasted finish and plays very well with the tartful animal crackers. The Capri Sun was quite syruppy, it had a great flavor composition of dried figs, molasses and hazelnuts. Verily I tell you, a heavenly deuce will be dropped in honor of this meal.

Where do giants drop duce?

So I saw this picture of a house design and immediately thought it looks like a giant toilet. This is my dream house except I would be scared a giant would drop duce right in my courtyard.

Third Meal

So I have just finished my third meal of the day.Chicken flavor or go home! I like to add Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. Gives it that extra kick that I need at 3:00 in the afternoon. Wash it all down with a can of Bud and I will be ready to shit in 35 to 45 minutes. Then I plan on taking a nice long nap.